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In high school I would drive to Zed Records in Long Beach every week and browse the new releases.  This small mom & pop record store was a big supporter of local bands and the Indie scene as a whole.  It's here where I discovered obscure music from other parts of the country and world.  This was long before social media existed so it was harder in those days to follow a scene.  There was a table right by the window where local musicians would drop off small stacks of xeroxed flyers for upcoming gigs.  It wasn't uncommon to see names like Sublime & No Doubt on advertisements for house parties.  Before the weekend I would pick up a few handbills that looked interesting and take them to school to plot with my friends what our weekends would look like.

Along with many other retail music stores, Zed Records is no longer there.  Unfortunately they fell victim to the ever expanding digital marketplace. There are plenty of pros and cons to having access to DSPs like Apple Music, Spotify, etc. But one thing they will never be able to replicate is the sense of adventure of traveling to your local record store, wandering the isles, meeting fellow enthusiasts and picking up a vinyl record that will then live IRL in your world, forever.

This year for RECORD STORE DAY (April 20th) I wanted to honor the record stores still hanging on, by releasing a small number of SKANCHOR SLIP MATS


  • 12" Diameter
  • Felt Construction