Visions Remix - David Foral, Jungle Josh, JRob

The Dirtyheads released a Special Edition of the album SWIM TEAM featuring a remix of the song "Visions". 

Stone Soup Volume 1

A collaborative mix tape concept album with 13 other Producers, Musicians, Vocalists and DJs to blend together 16 songs during 26 minutes of a mashed up musical journey.  All songs were written at the same tempo and in the same key which creates seamless transitions and an overall cohesive vibe.  Sonically, the music ranges from Reggae Dub to Trip Hop.

Stone Soup Volume 2

This is the second installment in the Stone Soup Mixtape series. The mix features 28 musicians, songwriters, producers and DJs with over 30 mins of unreleased music. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Mike Pinto - "Crooks" (David Foral Remix)

David Foral - "Paved The Way" (ft. Big Nes)