This is the second installment in the Stone Soup Mixtape series. Featuring 28 musicians, songwriters, producers and djs. Over 30 mins of unreleased music. Sit back, light one up and enjoy the ride. SONG 1: REBEL DUB Written by: Josh Barlow (Jungle Josh) and Valentine Fraser (Ginjah) Featuring: Jungle Josh and Ginjah @jungle-josh SONG 2: BUSS A BLANK Written by: Matt Goodwin (Riot City Sound) Featuring: James Searl - Bass and Chris O'Brian - Drums (Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad) Andrew McKee - Trombone and Chris J. Hampton - Saxophone (Hirie) SONG 3: CRASH OVER ME Written by: David Foral (Dirtyheads) & Rebecca Arscott Featuring: Rebecca Arscott and Tim Wu SONG 4: PAPER HEART Written by Todd Forman (Happy Tank, Jelly of the Month Club) SONG 5: UR LOVE Written by: Johnny Cosmic and Maggie Kubley Featuring: Johnny Cosmic and Maggie Kubley SONG 6: CLOCKWORK Written by: Howi Spangler (Ballyhoo!) SONG 7: DELIRIOUS Written by: Swav Pior (Darenots) and Jenni Pleau (Zaya) Featuring: Jenni SONG 8: PAVED THE WAY Written by: David Foral (Dirtyheads) and Ed Kaufman (Big Nes) Featuring: Big Nes @bignesmusic SONG 9: DOS POR FAVOR Written by: Josh Barlow (Jungle Josh) @jungle-josh SONG 10: WHATCHA WANNA HEAR Written by: Joshua Swain & Ross Bogan (The Movement) Featuring: Johnny Cosmic (Producer, Engineer) SONG 11: TRAINWRECKS & TROUSERS Written by: Kirk Ellingsen Featuring: David Foral (Dirtyheads) @kirk-ellingsen SONG 12: SHUKI Written by: Michael Goldwasser (Easy Star All-Stars) SONG 13: HSHS Written by: Michael DeGuzman (Passafire) SONG 14: FIVE POINTS RIDDIM Written by: Andrew Maloney, Michael Caine, Ian Gastl and Nate Adams (Tatanka) SONG 15: RALPH’S HEARTBREAK Written by: Kirk Ellingsen and Josh Barlow (Jungle Josh) Produced by: Jungle Josh @kirk-ellingsen SONG 16: TRAMPLEMOOSE Written by: David Foral (Dirtyheads) Featuring: Brennan and Dale   Additional production and DJ Samples by DJ JACE ONE

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